Client: Atkins


Exhibition stand including IOS game apps

The Big Bang Fair was the UK's largest four-day celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The event attracted around 50,000 seven to nineteen year olds with an aim of encourage youngsters to pursue a STEM career by highlighting how engineering impacts everyday life. To support the event two educational and fun facts games were developed. One game would challenge players to ensure the correct level and type of power was supplied to a city based on a scenario given, while the other would require them to solve problems associated with connecting water lines. Both games were timed based increased in complexity as the player progressed through the stages. Games were presented on two separate touch screens held within an eco-friendly themed house. The house was bespoke to the event and created out of cardboard with key messages around energy and energy wastage.

As a take-away item participants were given a printed card containing an augmented reality maker allowed them to interact with a 3D model of the eco-house and explore the messaging that covered it.


Image of energy and water app wireframe

Wireframe of eco-house games

IOS 'Energy' screenshots

IOS 'Energy' screen shots

IOS 'Energy' and 'Water' screen shots

Game screenshots - energy game Game screenshots - title and leadership board

IOS 'Energy' screen shots

Image taken the Big Bang Fair featuring the eco-house

Eco-house featured at the Big Bang Fair

Image taken the Big Bang Fair - children engaging with the energy game

School children engaging with the energy game

Image taken the Big Bang Fair - children engaging with the energy game

IOS 'Energy' app touch screen

Image of augmented reality eco-house model displayed on coffee table

Takeaway 3D augmented reality eco-house handout


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