Client: Atkins


IOS marketing app

The 'Solutions' app was a cost effective and fresh way of communicating Atkins capabilities and experience to potential clients. Originally developed as a one-to-one marketing tool to reduce the volume of printed hand-outs given out at conferences; it soon became used just as much to communicate and engage with wider audiences - due to its responsive nature and the ability to be pushed to a larger screen. The app contained a variety of projects tiled in a continuous flow across the x-axis, which the user could navigate through by swiping left or right. Selecting a project presented the user with a wide range of information that better explained that project in detail. PDF versions of the content could be dynamically generated allowing users the choice of downloading or email out project information.


Image of app wireframes

Low and high fidelity wireframes outlining user interaction and navigation

Image of home screen design on iPad Image of project select screen on iPad Image of project filters screen on iPad Lifestyle image of app in use

Screen shots of key app sections

Presenting high fidelity wireframes


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